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We are the leader in workflow automation, fusion of people, processes and content, SharePoint and Microsoft .NET Solutions.



We invest in the best .NET Experts with the passion for coding. If you are one of them, join our Team.


About us

People are our greatest value. We opt for long-standing
relationships based on a mutual trust. They trusted us:

SharePoint Solutions, Workflow Automation,
Dedicated Software.


We invest in the best .NET Experts
with the passion of coding.


We Offer

SharePoint Solutions

  • Intranet - connecting people across an organization to information and data.
  • Content management, team collaboration, business forms, search.
  • Professional SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online branding.
  • Dedicated SharePoint solutions.
  • Information architecture, scalability and safety.
  • SharePoint can save your business money - maximum ROI.

Workflow Automation

  • From simple workflows (job request) to complex processes (invoices, agreements).
  • Connect People, processes and content. Anytime, anywhere.
  • Use notifications, reminders, holiday leaves and replacements logic.
  • Monitor the status of your business processes in real-time.
  • Search by content, tags and categories.
  • Integrate with multiple data sources - SAP, Navision, SQL, Web Services.

Dedicated Software

  • Web - optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (Responsive Web Design).
  • Dedicated Windows applications (production, data processing).
  • ERP – Business Management Software.
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence.
  • Mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile.
  • Windows Azure, Office 365 solutions.
  • NET 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 4.0, AngularJS technologies.

Our solutions


  • The Global Standard for Digital Transaction Management®
  • Trusted by millions of users worldwide
  • Fastest and easiest electronic signature solution
  • eSignatures valid and legally binding across the globe


  • Validation, assignment, content-related description, approval, payment
  • Invoice preview
  • Reporting, archiving
  • Integration with external systems


  • Invoices, agreements, orders, business partners
  • Notifications, dashboards, shared calendars
  • Professional financial management
  • Easily expandable


  • Enterprise Mail Merge
  • Letters, e-mail, envelopes
  • Excel, SQL Data Source
  • Simple, intuitive templates
  • Tables, charts, reports
  • Generating PDFs


We invest in the .NET experts.
If you are one of them, join our Team.

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